Conscious awareness group

Becoming consciously aware of what is happening around you and what you are bringing into your reality on a daily basis,  gives you the opportunity to make positive choices for change. This is something which needs to be practised, and a a regular safe space can give you the opportunity to explore issues which may be holding you back.  One of the aims of the group is to be able to look at possible “negative” experiences and discuss ways in which to deal with them to bring about positive outcomes.

The agenda of the group as follows:

  • Check-in of each person
  • A particular topic will be discussed or creatively experienced to bring about personal results in that area
  • The group will generally grow organically, according to the needs of the participants, but will be facilitated and guided to bring about an opportunity for all to gain positive results.
  • Commitment to your own growth and change is important, as is taking responsibility for your choices and being open to trying new ways to open up new paths.

If you are wishing to attend, please send click on the following link

Venue:  SoulsTruth, 12 Birkenhead Road, Somerset West

Tuesday evening 17h00 to 18h15

Wednesday mornings 11h30 to 12.45

Exchange:  R50.00 per session