Testimonial from Joanne 

“I experienced a powerful healing session with Carol recently, which has helped me tremendously. I came to Carol initially with stress and sleep issues, as well as changes in work, along with a strong need to find a balanced way forward through a transition phase in my life.
This is my experience.

As soon I lay on the bed in Carol’s calm and soothing healing room and Carol began, I immediately experienced a strong sensation, like I was being rocked in a very purposeful and focussed way. Initially I felt mild alarm at the unexpectedness of it, but because I felt so calm and relaxed at the same time, I had a wonderful feeling of being protected and taken care of, a very pleasant feeling. The intensity subsided, while the warm protected feeling continued, and I became so relaxed that I could feel myself slipping more and more into a totally relaxed state, almost to the point of falling asleep. Towards the end, I felt some emotion well up and a brief moment of tearfulness which vanished as I sat up.

Then I went outside to Carol’s special healing tent in the garden and lay down, spent and content to be alone. Tears flowed and memories came flooding back, and I made notes. Then I just relaxed and felt comforted in the womb-like energy of the tent and garden.

I experienced a down feeling for a day or two afterwards, which I now realise was a period of releasing that took place and allowed me to acclimatise to what had taken place. It also made me realise that the energy and healing and releasing was more powerful than I thought, so it is vital to allow for a few days after the healing to adapt. A couple of weeks later, I felt much more focussed and lighter, and work and opportunities began to emerge. It literally feels as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for the release I felt through Carol’s healing and can recommend that anyone who is having difficulty emotionally, mentally or in any area of their lives, experience this healing. It provides the release necessary to move through a period in your life when you most need it.”

Testimonial from Lemar Chester

Last week was an Icky one.. I couldn’t seem to find my motivation, much less my brain, and words like enthusiasm and excitement had definitely left for greener pastures. So I did what any sane person would do..I called the expert! Thankfully Carol was able to squeeze me in late Wednesday afternoon and I happily placed my sad self into her capable hands. A bit of crystal magic, Reiki, some sympathy and sage advice and, oh what a difference an hour can make! I felt much calmer, more centred and ready to step back into my life with a smile on my face! Enthusiasm and motivation have returned..although we’re still trying to locate my brain..and things are on the move again. Thanks Carol, you’re a blessing!! Xx Lemar

Testimonial from Robyn Hertog – Holistic, Intuitive Masseuse

This special lady is definately inspiring… she is the reason that I plucked up my courage and delved into my gift of touch. Without her encouragement, guidance and friendship I would probably still be sitting up on a cloud 🙂 Anyone needing some guidance, whether it be personal or business… she’s the lady! – Robyn

Testimonial from Joanne Jardine – Inter-personal relations Analyst

  • you are a brilliant business coach
  • you are great at focusing, directing and guiding your clients (and me of course)
  • you are great at understanding a person’s core issues
  • you are great at recognising a person’s talents and gifts
  • supportive role
  • empathetic guidance
  • firm, honest help & support
  • wisdom, creativity
  • nurturing, nurturing, nurturing, WOW!!!!
  • great at seeing one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • brilliant networking ability, organising ability

Basically I want to say 3 things:

  1. You got the best out of me by the way you went about identifying what I am about and what I really want to do.
  2. Your step by step practical advice and support every week, gets me focussed and motivated
  3. The fact that I know there is someone out there who sees the potential in me, and that I know I am in good hands, and there is just the knowledge and security that with you ‘holding my hand’ (or kicking my arse in the nicest way!!!) I know I can succeed.

This ability you have is a gift, and your talents are very real and very valuable resources! “Carol is a wonderful, gifted business coach, who provided me with much needed focus and direction regarding my career goals. Because of her innate understanding of human nature, together with her wise, pragmatic manner and invaluable business experience, she was able to pinpoint my strengths and link them into a cohesive blueprint. With her supportive guidance and infinite patience, Carol has harnessed my talents, personality and core business identity. Her amazing ability to network, in conjunction with her step by step practical goal setting, has enabled me to expand my work and has opened many doors. I recommend Carol to anyone out there who would like to start their own business, or take their business/work/ to a new level. – Joanne Jardine – Inter-personal Relation Analyst

Testimonial from Lemar Chester – Specialised Kinesiologist

I’ve known Carol for several years now and she is, in my opinion, exactly what a business woman and personal coach should be…honest, reliable, hardworking and resourseful. She is unfailingly supportive and encouraging, has solid, practical ideas and advice and is not shy to give me a gentle, loving kick up the backside when its needed – something I very much value! She has spent many an hour with me; brainstorming, helping me to discover where i want to go with my business (and personal life) and how i want to get there, helping me put plans in place and always being there to support when the wheels come off. I have recently signed on as one of her bb’s and am very pleased to have her guiding me in this minefield called marketing…designing logos, advertising, social media and creating awareness – all things in which i am horribly unskilled – are now seeming do-able and attainable – Thank you Carol! – Lemar Chester – Specialised Kinesiologist

Testimonial from Vanessa

Carol has been invaluable at helping me market my small business, as well as providing encouragement and support along with practical advice. – Vanessa Service Category: marketing Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

 Testimonial from Jesse

 Thanks so much Carol!! You’ve really helped me the last couple of months and I really appreciate it!

“I have really appreciated your sessions as it has not only been
supportive, but revealed blocks and facilitated healing to dark areas
of my life.
Your multiple ways of working and the tools you use are powerful”


“Loved it all – many thanks – your a a superb teacher, and convey the work in a very approachable and heart felt manner!”

“I gained insight and confidence”

“Loved it! Thank you”

“I gained wisdom and guidance”