Vibrational Energy Healing Healing through energy

What a client can experience in a vibrational Reiki healing session:

  • The client sets an intention for that session i.e. what issue are you wishing to gain clarity on?
  • I check the energy of each of the chakras at that time, which gives support in understanding the basis of that particular issue.
  • I continue with the healing by placing my hands on the areas I am guided to during the session. I experience vibrational energy coming through my body into my hands, which is transferred to the clients’ energy system. Sometimes the energy can be quite intense, sometimes gentle and sometimes tapping or rubbing.
  • During this time I will receive messages or visual images which I share with the client to aid them in getting answers to their intention
  • If necessary, and if the client has received messages or visions during the healing, I allow them time to draw and record them so that they have a visual representation to work with after the session.
  • In the days following the session, it is advisable to work with whatever has come up and allow the energy to flow as shifts have taken place and need time to process.
  • Making note of dreams and symbols  is also important to receive the guidance that has been asked for.
  • A session can take anything from 45 minutes to 90minutes depending on how long I am guided to do the healing.
  • I advise my clients that the process may take more than one session to manifest and often find it necessary to recommend further healing or mentoring to bring about completion.

Exchange:  R350 per session

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