About My Personal journey on the road to starting SoulsTruth

Healing cabin

We choose our life path and set out to attempt to complete what it is that we wrote in our life contract, but so often we lose our way and fail to connect with our soul’s purpose. By connecting and trusting the way forward, it is much easier to complete our contract. One needs to find one’s unique way of connecting, and a facilitator can help you along the way. My passion is developing people and helping them connect with their purpose. I have been fortunate in that I have received many teachings through others, study and learning of various esoteric practices and many personal experiences which have given me a broad knowledge of subjects and understanding of the spiritual path.

My personal spiritual journey which led me to SoulsTruth

“My spiritual journey began 12 years ago with a driver crashing his vehicle into the back of mine, resulting in minor whiplash which led me to having my first Body Stress Release session. The practitioner I went to, after telling her about the rather painful divorce I had gone through and that I was battling to get direction in my life, suggested I see a healer in Somerset West to gain some clarity. The Healer performed energy healing on me and told me that within a few years, I would be working in the esoteric way and advised me to read Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life” and to do a Reiki course. At that stage I had no idea what esoteric meant, or Reiki for that matter, but pursued them anyway. Needless to say, 11 years on, I have completed numerous courses such as Natural Medicine, Herbalism, Iridology, basic Counselling, Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Masters, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Human Design System, to name a few.

I opened a small esoteric shop and centre called “Crystals and Coffee” in 2007, offering people spiritual and empowering workshops, talks and classes, as well as various therapies and angel readings and was a partner in organising and starting the Helderberg Holistic Fayre.  At Crystals and Coffee, I  personally offered Crystal, Energy Healing and Balancing, Spiritual Counselling, Personal Counselling, Meditation, various workshops, talks and open days. Since then, I have been gathering information on how people think and behave caused by various trauma’s or challenges in their lives and have found that I am able to tap into people’s potentials which they are not always aware of themselves.

I decided to close Crystals in Coffee to explore various other businesses and career options, which gave me a wide knowledge on the business front. i.e  manageress of a Health and Beauty House,  manageress of a guest house and co-ordinating of events and property and rental agent.  I was once again drawn back to my first love, helping and facilitating people in finding their passions, spiritual path or starting up their own business or bringing creative ideas to their existing businesses. This led me to start Heartbizz in 2011, which offers a platform of creative business coaching, mentoring and support to startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

On 22 April 2014, I launched my Healing and Mentoring practice in a Consultation Cabin on my property in Somerset West, called “SoulsTruth”. I have always felt a strong pull towards nature and feel that when one is stuck or in need of direction, going back to nature, or getting back to basics is a great way to re-evaluate your way forward.  I feel that “ My SoulsTruth” is to facilitate and mentor others to find their passions and to connect with their “Souls’ Purpose”.”  Carol

Love and light Carol