Welcome to SoulsTruth

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Connecting with the truth of your Soul

At Souls-truth you will be able to connect with the truth of who you are in order to help you along your life’s path. SoulsTruth is a sanctuary for your soul and offers a space of peace, safety and tranquillity.  At SoulsTruth you will be guided, supported and mentored along your own personal journey, which is yours alone.   In this safe space you can step onto your own spiritual adventure and find aspects of yourself and your soul you haven’t believed possible.  You will be given various tools to help you along your way.

These various tools include:  meditation, connecting to higher realms, visualization, Reiki healing and teaching,  personal numerology and astrology, tarot guidance, coaching, mentoring, body dreaming, vision quests, workshops and courses

You can start your journey off with the following one-on-one options:

Personal & Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching

Numerology & Astrology consultations

Creative Business Mentoring and Support

or join one of the following in groups:

Various workshops on offer on a monthly basis

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