Practical Spirituality Course A course which spans over a period of 8 weeks. This course is a hands-on and practical experience of getting in touch with your soul in your own way by learning to read the signs, trusting your instinct and intuition and learning to use various tools to help you along your spiritual path.


The Practical Spirituality course is a wonderful beginning point for anyone wanting to start exploring and developing a personal and spiritual journey. It offers many tools and gives one great insight into your strengths and weaknesses, who you are, how others may perceive you, and how to improve relationships with others through understanding yourself. The added teachings of working with the laws of the universe and energies to become the powerful being that you are, top off the 8 week experience which will set you on your path to a new way of life.

Module 1:  

Meditation, the power of dreams, how to interpret your dreams, learning to trust your intuition and body dreaming

Module 2:

Understanding the power and development of the chakras

Module 3:

It’s all about energy – how to sense and work with the energies on a personal basis as well as for healing.  How to use them to clear home and office.

Module 4:

Looking at the bigger picture of the higher realms and where we fit in.

Module 5:

Basic astrology, understanding your chart, the various signs, houses and planets.

Module 6:

Numerology and your divine triangle.  Understanding yourself through the numbers and your major and minor cycles.

Module 7:

Basic tarot. The Major arcana, understanding the different suits through the astrological elements, numbers and intuition.

Module:  8

Soul vision quest in nature and creative vision board.

  • SoulsTruth offers a safe space to grow your spiritual being and the course is held in the healing cabin at the bottom of the garden.
  • Each module takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and will be held once weekly.

Cost:  R2400 for group participation (10 % discount if you bring a friend)

R4000 individual one-one-one course – More intensive

Send your contact details to find out when the next course will be taking place by clicking on the following link.  Morning and evening courses available.  Please note, 50% deposit is necessary on booking your space.

Some comments re the course:

“I gained insight and got to know myself in a different light and recognise potential within myself.  I found the course inspiring and a safe place to learn and connect with others who are on the same path spiritually.”

“This course has made me more aware of messages and signs and gave me a greater understanding of “Me”.  I loved it!!

“I gained insight into myself.  Loved the course and looking forward to future get together s.”

“It peeked my interest in a lot of new areas. I now want to learn more abut a whole lot of areas.  It was a great introduction course with a lot of information which really formed a great foundation for the various module.  I am inspired to go and learn more.”

“It was fantastic and really has enlightened me and answered questions that I wasn’t sure could be answered.  I feel lighter and everything is more in perspective for me now.”

“Loved it!  Thank you”

“Loved it all – many thanks – you are a superb teacher, and convey the work in a very approachable and heart felt manner!”