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metaphysics 101

SoulsTruth offers the following

Practical Spirituality Course – 8 week course

The Practical Spirituality course is a wonderful beginning point for anyone wanting to start exploring and developing a personal and spiritual journey. It offers many tools and gives one great insight into your strengths and weaknesses, who you are, how others may perceive you, and how to improve relationships with others through understanding yourself. The added teachings of working with the laws of the universe and energies to become the powerful being that you are, top off the 8 week experience which will set you on your path to a new way of life.

Various mini workshops

The power of meditation

The power of dream interpretation and body dreaming

What each chakra represents on a psychological development level

Crystals, their uses, how to choose them, using them to clear your home, using a pendulum and divining rods

Connecting with the higher beings and your guides and angels

Basic understanding of astrology and getting to work with your own chart

The power of numbers through numerology

Basic tarot to allow you to use the cards as a development tool on your journey

Vision quest and creative vision board

Natural abilities and passions are the vehicle and fuel to lead you on your life’s path

Contact me for further information and dates of the above workshops.

These workshops are also available as one-one consultations if required.

Meditation and discussion groups

These groups allows a safe space to explore ones personal and spiritual growth on various levels.  It will stretch the attendee to look at who you are, what your purpose is and how you “fit” into the grand scheme of things.   Topics will include spiritual and creative practices as well as discussions to enhance your life and aid you in your personal spiritual journey.