Personal & Consciousness Mentoring and Counselling Support, development and guidance



Personal and consciousness mentoring is about investigating and discussing the issues the client is dealing with and finding solutions or goals to bring about effective and positive change. We are conscious beings so working on a personal level automatically brings about working on a conscious level. We explore belief systems, past issues, traumas, addictive behaviour, relationship problems and fears in order to understand negative or self sabotaging habits or patterns blocking ones path forward.

I may incorporate the following in a session:

  • Visualisations
  • Creative mind mapping or goal setting
  • body dreaming
  • creative vision quests
  • numerology/astrology/tarot
  • energy healing
  • nature walks incorporating meditation
  • Higher self connection meditation
  • journaling and creative writing


 R400 per once off session 

Fortnightly regular sessions:  R400 per month

For more information or to start your journey to your SoulsTruth go to the following link